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I first met Caroline 6 or 7 years ago at a time when my life was in crisis. I felt I was nothing - no direction, no purpose and relationships breaking down all around me. Within a couple of sessions I believed that she understood my issues and would be able to help me. That help came in her unique ability to guide me towards self-help behaviour patterns that I still practice today. She had faith in me that quickly transfered to self belief through honest analysis and affirmation. Her life coaching sessions with me were often complimented by alternative therapies, such as Reiki or hypnotherapy. Caroline has played such a huge part in helping me turn my life around and believing in myself. I frequently use the techniques that she taught me when life gets a little tough and I wouldn't hesitate to turn to her for guidance at the crossroads in life. Caroline has become a dear and true friend.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I first met Caroline 6 or 7 years ago at a time when my life was in crisis. I felt I was nothing - no direction, no purpose and relationships breaking down all around me. Within a couple of sessions I believed that she understood my issues and would be able to help me. That help came in her unique ability to guide me towards self-help behaviour patterns that I still practice today. She had faith in me that quickly transfered to self belief through honest analysis and affirmation. Her life coaching sessions with me were often complimented by hypnotherapy.Caroline has played such a huge part in helping me turn my life around and believing in myself. I frequently use the techniques that she taught me when life gets a little tough and I wouldn't hesitate to turn to her for guidance at the crossroads in life.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I visited Caroline two years ago due to experiencing an ongoing inner anxiety which I was experiencing in social situations, both in one to one and group settings. My confidence had plummeted and before I knew it I was overwhelmed as this horrible feeling of being embarrassed and nervous in any situation where I had to interact with other people had overtook my life. It affected me so much that I had stopped socializing and avoided work situations as much as i could realistically. It was when I realised it was affecting my work and performance that I knew it had gone too far.

Im pleased to say after visiting Caroline I under went a programme of six sessions at her clinic, the result being that I got me back! I now feel assertive & confident in social and work situations, I hold my head high and can deal with people on a one to one basis or in a group situation as all those old feelings have diminished. I feel very confident about myself, my future and my career, it is almost like I now have a new positive perception of everything. Caroline taught me many techniques which I use to keep myself calm and balanced in any situation which certainly help me on a daily basis to keep stress at bay as a way of life really. I would definitely visit Caroline again should I need any support in the future . Thanks Caroline for your help and support

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I went to see Caroline as I was going through a difficult time in my life. I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning and had started taking time off work. I even stopped seeing my best friend of many years and struggled to spend time with my family. I felt very alone and isolated. I had also started fearing doing the simplest of things such as taking my dog for a walk or popping to the shop. I had been offered CBT by my GP for depression, however, there was a few months waiting time to get help. Caroline had been recommended to me, and at our first meeting Caroline put me at ease and gave me hope that I could get back to the old me. I’ll be honest at the time I struggled to imagine that was possible. Within 4 sessions I had started to feel more happy and motivated and quickly had found a healthy daily routine and started to enjoy work again and spending time with my family and friends. Now I am back to the old me 6 months later and have Caroline to thanks for this.

Depression, Joseph, Birmingham

I approached Caroline as I had been struggling with cocaine addiction for many years. I decided it was time to take things seriously and make lifestyle changes for myself and my family. I was apprehensive at first about meeting Caroline. However, I had nothing to worry about as she was very caring and understanding and didn’t judge me for my addiction. Working with Caroline over several months allowed me to understand how I had developed this addiction and then to challenge myself and the way that I thought about myself and others. Caroline also taught me to find healthier ways of coping in daily life with my stress triggers. I had always had low self esteem and had never realised how much this was responsible for my addiction. After several months of working with Caroline I feel like a different person as the way I live my life now makes me feel good. Whenever life gets tough I have ways of coping and visit Caroline for a booster session to keep me on track.

Substance Addiction, Mark, Birmingham

I found Caroline through a friend who had recommended her. I found Caroline put me at ease immediately and she is very easy talk to. I had stopped performing well at work and had took time off as I was not coping well. I had started having panic attacks which I had found very frightening. It was at this time I contacted Caroline. Caroline spent 10 sessions working with me to help me manage my anxieties. I had panic disorder and social anxiety which as I look back were very debilitating for me. I now feel calmer and don’t have panic attacks and understand how they had come about. Now I spend time on me which helps me to manage my daily life and not get over stressed. I feel more confident at work and I am able to do presentations again. Thank you Caroline.

Panic disorder & social anxiety, Rebecca, Derby

I had been struggling with my anxiety for a long time and had constant worries regarding my health. This took up more time than I would like to admit. Basically, I was consumed with worrying about my health. Caroline treated me for health anxiety over 14 sessions and really helped me to feel better about myself. Now I have the tools to recognise when my mind is wandering and I can now reign things back in. I know Caroline is always there and that means if I have any problems I can visit her for further sessions.

Health Anxiety, Jo, Lichfield

After having a nasty car accident I was fearful of driving and visited Caroline for an assessment. It turned out I had developed PTSD and I decided to have a course of treatment with Caroline as this was affecting all areas of life everyday and had made me feel depressed. I worked with Caroline for 4 months and she helped me feel happy again and overcome my fears. I was able to relax and sleep better which was a huge relief. Most importantly I was able to drive which gave me my freedom back. I would recommend Caroline as she has a warm, caring and professional nature.

PTSD & Depression, Sarah, Birmingham

I had been given Caroline’s details as she specialises in weight management and eating disorders. Sadly, I have always struggled with my relationship with food and my weight. I had lacked confidence since being a little girl in my teens and used food to gain comfort. I have tried every diet and then just re-gained weight. The big change for me was that with caroline she took a fresh approach that wasn’t about dieting. This pleased me as I was constantly dieting and then bingeing on anything I could eat, particularly after a busy day at work during which I would barely eat. I couldn’t see for myself where the problem lay. Caroline helped me to understand what was causing the binge eating disorder and helped me to re-establish a healthier way of thinking and eating. I have healthy eating habits now and have lost 2 stone as a result. I now exercise and make time for me at the end of the day. Caroline taught me healthy ways of coping with my triggers for bingeing and stress in my life. I have a better work-life balance and overall a good quality of life.

Binge eating Disorder, Susan, Lichfield.

I have had 10 sessions with Caroline to treat my claustrophobia which had stopped me leading a normal life. I now feel so much better and can now travel in all forms of transport and use lifts. I was shocked at how much improvement I made and would never have thought it possible.

Claustrophobia, Roger, Birmingham

I went to visit Caroline to find out more about how Psychotherapy could help me overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I had been living with these conditions for 7 years and was feeling depressed much of the time as I never had energy and slept poorly. Caroline understood me and what I was going through. Caroline treated me for 4 months and I couldn’t believe how much better I began to feel quite quickly. I have worked hard to change my routine and break this boom bust cycle which apparently is typical for ME. Thanks.

CFS & Fibromyalgia, Rachel, Derby

I had started feeling low and found myself staying in bed when I had free time which was very much not like me. This had been caused by a lot of stress and working long hours. Caroline helped me to lift my mood and feel motivated again.

Depression, Clare, Birmingham

Thank you for your patience and time to help me on my road to recovery. You always go beyond the call of duty and it really makes a difference. You are amazing.

Cocaine Addiction, Andrew, Birmingham

Caroline has helped me in my recovery from alcohol addiction and cannot thank her enough. I have me back, my family and I now have a job again and life has improved. Thank you.

Alcohol Addiction, John, Lichfield

Caroline has helped me to get my life back on track after a long bout of depression.

Depression, Julie, Derby

I have stopped feeling anxious everyday and can now go out to the shops and visit my friends and family.

Panic Attacks & Agoraphobia, Julia, Lichfield

I now eat healthy and not for my emotions or comfort which has made a big difference to my life. I feel fitter and more motivated everyday and have achieved a healthy weight.

Binge Eating Disorder, Clare, Birmingham

I have struggled with my weight for about 10 years and realised that I was either “On a diet” and losing a lot of weight quickly or eating too much of the wrong foods and gaining the weight again. I was also experiencing bad hormonal problems as I was approaching the menopause so when I saw Caroline’s Hypno-band leaflets at my Doctors Surgery I went to see her for a consultation. Although a little sceptical I decided to do the programme and from my very first session, even before any hypnosis, I changed my way of eating, and more importantly my way of thinking about food. I’m now a normal healthy weight and my hormonal problems have subsided. My weight loss was gradual at around 1-2 lbs per week, and I now exercise regularly each week. The most important change for me is that I feel “normal” around food and know that I will not gain the weight againas this is a new way of life for me and not a fad diet.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I first saw an advert for the Hypno-band Weight Loss Programme when I visited my Doctor’s surgery. Approaching 50 years of age, I had a serious weight problem weighing in at 20 stone and 5lbs and have battled against weight issues from being a small child in infant school.

I was brought up in a normal working class family and was taught from an early age that it was good to have a healthy appetite, that I was big boned, that everyone in the family were large framed, and that it was not good to be skinny, as my mother used to say, and as my grandmother was a great cake maker, visits were always followed by huge slices of the latest recipe.

Food became a love and a comfort to me, and it wasn’t until I reached middle school years that I was always fatty at school and began to get a complex, and so an endless string of the latest diets would begin, always failing resigning myself to the fact that I was fat, and will always be fat, and each time I failed I put more weight on.

I then went through various difficulties in my life, which affected my life, and in turn affected my weight, I had 3 children and gradually the weight crept up, I then dev eloped several health problems, back pain, asthma, and generally my health was not good.

Tired of the constant battles and having seen the advert for the hypno-band, I was curious, I thought to myself all I need is someone to teach me how to eat properly, I don’t know what is good food and what is bad, or what a reasonable sized portion is.

Visiting my Hypnotherapist, Caroline, taught me all these things. I very soon realised that it was easy for me to enjoy food, healthy food which would help me to maintain my blood glucose levels, and so not to peak and dip during the day, so that my hunger would be controlled. It also taught me that it’s ok to snack as long as the snacks are controlled and healthy, and that this is a new way of life and not a diet.

In just a very short space of time I have lost approximately 2 stone and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment of it, I exercise regularly now 15 mins to start with just fast paced walking and a further 15 mins using other forms of exercise to tone my slimmer shape.

I have come to realise that sometimes the tape measure is more encouraging than the scales, where yo can lose inches in shape as it doesn’t always register on the scales immediately, and this can be off putting so I look at the fact that my clothes are getting bigger and the measurements smaller on the tape measure, and very soon the scales how the difference.

I now know that I can succeed, and why should I ever go back to being something that made me so unhappy. I feel fitter than I ever felt, I have confidence in myself and people tell me how good I look, and encourage and support me.

My Hypnotherapy sessions during the Hypno-band Programme were so relaxing and Caroline was wonderful she supported, motivated and believed in me. Although my sessions have now ended she is still there for me whenever I need her, and I am able to go back for booster sessions and support whenever I feel the need as part of my longer term goals, as I am now half way on my journey to my target weight.

Long may success continue, I wish you all good health and luck in your new future, my only advice to you is to do it! And be true to yourself! And Godbless my Hypnotherapist, Caroline, who has been a life savour.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

When I met Caroline for a Hypno-band Consultaton I had around 2 stone to lose in preparation for my wedding day. I knew in the past I had limited success bus something told me this approach would be different using CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) with Hypnotherapy. Caroline was inspiring and motivating and pushed me out of my comfort zone, challenging me each day by phone and at sessions each wk. I can honestly say it was the best money I have ever spent, completely life changing, it gave me my dream wedding day, but more importantly I feel good about me every day and I exude confidence which I believe is down to Caroline my Hypnotherapist. A job well done! Thank you Caroline.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I had heard about the virtual gastric band in the press a lot but wasn’t sure what it entailed and so when I saw the Hypno-band display board and contacted Caroline directly I was initially sceptical wondering how possibly could I change the habits of pretty much a life time, now being nearly 45. Caroline irradicated my sceptiscim and explained it very logically to me and I soon realised it was very clinical and a professional approach to weight loss. As well as losing the 2 stone goal I set with Caroline, I can honestly can say I have changed my life for the better, new job, new home, new partner, I consider it to be a reinvention of me. I am eternally grateful to Caroline for her help and suppost, and I am so glad that I took the decision to pick up the phone when I did.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I have to say I was very sceptical about Hypnotherapy until I met Caroline for a consultation, after finding Caroline on a Google search for a hypnotherapist in Sutton Coldfield for weight loss. Caroline immediately put me at ease and I felt an instant click knowing she was the correct Hypnotherapist for me to work with, and the hypno-band the correct programme as it would help to tackle my emotional eating whilst reducing my portion sizes, a huge problem that had been going on for over a decade almost. I was in an unhappy place almost 4 stone over weight. Quickly I started to see results, I felt more energised, slimmer and motivated losing around 2 lbs per wk. Now I enjoy all the outdoor activities like walking, horse riding, cycling and have even undertaken a triathlon as a result of the changes I made with Caroline. I am very proud of my achievements and have the confidence to go swimming at homw and when away with my family, something I had stopped doing for years.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.

I made an appointment to see Caroline after spotting her sign outside the Doctors Surgery. I was three stone over weight , and since i got married 3 years ago my weight had just crept upon me. I was very lethargic, eating to excess everyday, doing no exercise and ate for comfort in the evenings. I had massive cravings for chocolate most days and it had become a huge problem as both my weight and moods were being affected by unhealthy lifestyle and chocolate fix.

On meeting Caroline, I felt really positive about making changes, although I was sceptical about Hypnotherapy as I had never experienced it. Caroline explained everything to put me at ease and I booked in there and then as I knew it was the right route for me to take to tackle my eating habits and shift the weight in a healthy way rather than like the yo-yo dieting I had been experiencing for years.

I can say now that I have shed 3 stone, I do feel fitter, more energised with bags of confidence. I enjoy going shopping for clothes being able to buy exactly what I like, and I ve took up some of the sports I used to do , swimming , cycling and walking. My eating habits are so different now and I have no cravings anymore for chocolate as I have a healthy approach to eating which keeps my weight and moods in check. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme and learnt so much about me. Im enjoying life and would never want to return to the old me. I feel so much healthier on the inside and outside. If you are thinking about doing the Hypno-band I would say just book in and meet Caroline as I’m glad I did.

* Results may vary from individual to individual.


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