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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy has been approved for use by the British Medical Association for more than 40 years. It's a form of therapy which enables you to enlist the help of your conscious and unconscious/ subconscious mind. The emphasis is goal orientated, and allows you to focus your attention internally, re-accessing resources, and creating new associations, patterns of thinking and behaving.

Is Hypnosis the same as sleep?

No, it's not the same, it's an altered state of mind similar to daydreaming, or becoming so absorbed in an activity that you lose all track of time.

During these times you are not asleep, merely unconcerned about your surroundings at the time.

How does a trance state feel?

You know how you allow yourself to drift off to sleep in the evening, and how to recognise that feeling of relaxation, and bodily senses slowing down? The hypnotic trance shares the same commonalities, with the only difference being, that you are deliberately inducing this state, either using a hypnotherapist as a facilitator, or guiding yourself in the form of self hypnosis.

Will I lose control during hypnosis?

If you consider a few of the natural trance states, for example driving a vehicle or becoming engrossed in a book. Your attention is absorbed with driving or reading the book, sometimes to the point that you exclude everything else, which means that certain sensations can go unnoticed or even ignored. Whilst in hypnosis your attention is focused on your internal world (inner self), this means you are more aware of physical and psychological changes, hence, you are even more in control of yourself.

Can anybody be Hypnotised?

Nobody can be hypnotised against their will, so if you choose not to be hypnotised, you will not be. However, it is said that if you allow the process to occur, that most people are hypnotisable. It is important to have a comfortable and trusting relationship with your therapist.

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