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Why do I feel like this?

In varying degrees we can all identify with having suffered some physical, emotional, mental and spiritual anguish as a result of childhood or adulthood or both. We have all experienced pain to different levels. However, with respect to disappointments or traumas, some of us are better equipped to handle these situations than others.

It takes a lot of energy to block out painful emotions. This may lead to low mood, anxiety, depression or feeling fatigued or being totally numb to life. For some, other methods of coping will be employed that are detrimental to the person's health and relationships. For example, excessive intake of drugs, alcohol or tobacco, overwork, violence or sex to mask or suppress their pain.

Hypnotherapy – The Therapy

Treatment under hypnosis and can be divided into two very different categories:

Suggestion therapy is normally used for the simpler problems such as stress relief, smoking, nail-biting, pre-exam nerves, boosting confidence, and relaxation. The number of sessions is kept to the minimum in order for the client to achieve the results they want. Analytical therapy - used to help patients discover the causes of emotional and psychological problems. Analytical therapy or Hypno-Anaylsis takes longer, over a period of a few weeks, with weekly one hour sessions. Both therapies may be used during the course of treatment.

Hypno-Analysis helps you to discover the cause of your emotional or psychological problems, enabling you to remove them from within yourself and thus relieve the symptoms.

Emotional problems respond particularly well to Hypno-Analysis. The objective of Anaylsis is to help you to release from within yourself, emotional anxieties and fear that have held you back in life until now. During the course of therapy you may experience "moments of liberating discovery" which may be "cathartic" in nature, or you may find the process more gradual and progressive. Since no two clients are the same it is not possible to predict the rate and intensity of emotional release.

Emotional problems such as anxiety, mild depression, phobias etc. respond particularly well to hypno-analysis. The objective of the hypno- analysis is to identiy and understand traumatic experiences from the past, to release any guilt and to remove completely the harmful consequences of these traumatic events in life. Hypno-analysis can be seen as a journey of self discovery and when you understand the cause of your fears and face up to it, you take the sting out of the memory and subsequently grow stronger and more confident - able to step out from the past into the future. When the client is ready to move forward Coaching, NLP and Suggestion Therapy are very successful at helping the client create the life they want and achieve their full potential.

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